How to Optimise YouTube Videos for Better SEO

Anyone who’s conducted a search in Google lately has surely seen YouTube videos front and centre on the first page. With more than 6 billion hours of video streamed each month, YouTube is one of the all-time hottest websites with millions of visitors. And now that YouTube is a part of Google, these videos are woven into the search giant’s search results.

YouTube SEO optimisation is where it’s at today as online marketers are busy producing and publishing videos to both please the search engines and satisfy the media-hungry consumers. If you’re ready to tap into the ranking power of YouTube videos, follow these tips for getting the most out of your video presentations.

Much like the content on your website, you may wish to work with a content marketing SEO agency to get your content noticed.

Always Focus on Quality

Nobody enjoys watching a crappy video that’s of very low quality. Just as quality is important to text content, it’s equally important in video creation. To make your videos really shine, consider these tips that focus on quality:

  • Shoot your videos in good light with a decent camera
  • Invest in a good quality microphone because the sound must be clear
  • Speak with enthusiasm in a conversational tone
  • Use editing software to shorten or clean up your videos or to add an intro or outro

Always put yourself in the shoes of the viewer to deliver a video presentation you would actually enjoy watching and sharing. It’s always best to take your time when creating your videos so don’t rush through it!

Put Keywords in Your Titles

Just like your website content needs clear and concise titles with keywords, each of your YouTube videos needs s a title that clearly depicts what it’s about. This is one of the few places on YouTube you can place keywords so be sure to do some research to find out what keywords people are using to search for your types of products and/or services.

Use Good Descriptions

When creating a description for a video on YouTube, take your time to make sure you give the visitor a brief and relevant summary of what your video is about. You can place a few of your keywords in the description to help you rank better in the YouTube Search Result Pages or YSRPs. Try to keep your description under 250 characters because after that, YouTube will use the ‘show more’ prompt which hides the rest of your description. Before you end your video description, put a call to action in there with a link to a valuable page on your site like a product page. 

Add Relevant Tags

Once you’ve crafted your title and description, it’s time to add your tags. A tag is simply a keyword that you add to your video that describes and highlights the content. Tags can also work to get you more views so take your time and choose good tags to use.

In addition to using your most important keywords, don’t hesitate to use others as well that make sense and are relevant to the content of your video. When deciding what tags to use, think of words that a visitor would use when searching for your video. If you still can’t come up with tag ideas, check out what your direct competitors are doing.

Promote Your Videos

Since YouTube is so big, it’s easy for a video to get lost among the masses. This is why you need to promote your videos so they get seen. Every time you upload a new video, announce it on your blog, on the social channels you use, in your newsletter, and the emails you send out. The number of views your video receives will determine where in the YSRPs it will land, so the more eyes that see it, the better.

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