Struggling to Make Money Online? Then Learn SEO

Have you been putting a whole lot of effort into making money online but you just can’t succeed? You cannot make money online if you don’t have an audience. The only tried and true way to get that audience you need is to learn and carry out proper SEO techniques.

Whether you’re trying to making money with a blog, website, or online shop, all your hard work will go to waste if you don’t have a consistent source of traffic coming to your site. That’s why it’s imperative to build an audience, using a few search engine optimisation strategies.

What is SEO Exactly?

When you use Google to search for something, the search engine’s algorithm works to choose content for you that will give you what you’re looking for. SEO is all about these algorithms and how to understand them. This is why when someone googles something that has to do with your website or blog, they won’t have to spend hours pouring over several pages of search results to find your site.

Ranking High in SERPs Matters

The search engine result pages or SERPs are the pages Google uses to display information to searchers. Considering that most people don’t look past the first one or two search engine result pages when looking for something, getting your site on page 1 or 2 really counts. Being ranked high on Google will also give you the benefit of reaching a whole lot of people because Google is the highest trafficked website in the world. And, when your site or blog gets ranked high, it can stay there as long as the content you offer is optimised and relevant.

So how do you create content that’s relevant and optimised? Here are a few tips to help.

Make Sure Your Site is Optimised Before Posting New Content

In addition to quality content, Google takes other factors into consideration when ranking websites like site speed and authority. Your website should be optimised so it loads quickly, and by quickly we’re talking a couple of seconds, at most. Fast websites do better overall, meaning they help lead to new views and conversions.

A good way to speed up your website load time is to optimise all the images you have on your site. It’s likely that you can downsize your photos without losing quality. Another way to speed up your site is to improve how your site performs on mobile devices. There are plenty of ways to learn mobile optimisation so find out what you need to know and get busy.

Build Your Authority

Authority is all about trust. When you’re considered an authority in your industry, users, other websites, and search engines look at you as a trusted expert in your particular field. Authority websites are often linked to by other websites and they’re routinely cited by other sources of information.

Building authority involves a lot of time and work. For starters, you need to be consistently publishing good quality content that’s relevant and up-to-date. You can also build authority by:

  • Gaining links by guest posting & establishing relationships with journalists to earn editorial links
  • Being active & consistent on social channels
  • Earning positive reviews & testimonials from customers
  • Promoting your degrees, certifications, and designations on your site
  • Taking part in speaking engagements

Use SEO-Friendly Headlines

An SEO-friendly headline contains one of your most important keywords or keyword phrases. Every time you write a new blog post, use one of your most important keyword terms in the headline to satisfy Google and to clearly tell readers what to expect from the content. Then don’t forget to use that same keyword in your text, including in an H2 tag somewhere.

Share Your Content

The more eyes that see your content, the better off you are. That’s why you should focus on getting other people to share your content. The best way to do that is to put social share buttons on your most important pages.

These basic SEO techniques can help you make money online. Sure, they take some dedication on your part but making money isn’t supposed to be the easiest thing to do, right?

Getting noticed online isn’t easy but if you are putting our valuable, unique information people will be dying to read it. Effective content partnered with the right SEO agency can generate exponential results.

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